Importance of spiders in agrocenoses

„Importance of spiders in agrocenoses” it is the another educational brochure prepared by team of the KIK/25 project. The brochure includes descriptions and photos of the most numerous families of spiders in agrocenoses found in cereal crops and on meadows. It also underlines the important role of spiders, which, as natural enemies of harmful organisms, provide an ecosystem service for agriculture, contributing to the reduction of losses in crops and grater yields in agricultural production. The brochures describes threats to the diversity of spiders and information on how to promote the presence of these invertebrates on farmlands, among others by preserving environmentally valuable areas, the mosaic structure of the agricultural landscape with permanent wildlife refuges and sustainable farming.

The electronic version of the "spider's" brochure in English is available in the "Download" tab.

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