Agriculture for biodiversity – biodiversity for man. The educational films

As a part of educational part of the KIK/25 project, six 20-minutes educational films under the common title “Agriculture for biodiversity – biodiversity for man” were realized in cooperation with TVP Lublin. The theme of the films is the protection of biodiversity on agricultural lands, with particular reference to Natura 2000 areas, in the context of benefits for various target groups, generated by biodiversity (so-called ecosystem services). Films are used to disseminate knowledge and develop ecological awareness in the field of shaping pro-ecological attitudes. The main groups of recipients of the films are farmers, agricultural advisors, administration employees and non-governmental organizations, as well as students.

Between 02.11.2016 and 26.02.2017 films in Polish version were emitted 47 times in regional branches of Polish Television (TVP) such as TVP Lublin, TVP Kraków, TVP Rzeszów and TVP Kielce. In addition, DVDs sets containing 6 discs with the following films were edited (Polish version only).

The films: “Green wealth of Lubelskie”,  “Biodiversity among fields”, “Grazed biodiversity", “Biodiversity with a scythe”, “Landscape for biodiversity” and “Earn from biodiversity” are available in the "Movies" tab and on YouTube:

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