Trainings for farmers under the KIK/25 project have started

On 30 May 2016 workshops in Ludwin and Uścimów were held, which started a series of 40 trainings for farmers in the Lublin Voivodeship, implemented within the KIK/25 project. The main objective of the trainings is to disseminate knowledge on good agricultural practices for the protection of biodiversity. Each training includes theoretical and practical classes. The theoretical part discusses mainly issues concerning the types and significance of ecosystem services provided by biodiversity in agriculture, as well as the importance of the agri-environmental-climate program and organic farming in the protection of biodiversity. In the practical (terrain) part, the types of natural habitats occurring in a given place, as well as the species of plants and species of breeding birds characteristic for these habitats are discussed. During field activities, particular attention is paid to agricultural practices that are optimal for a given habitat from the point of view of biodiversity protection. The trainings will last until the end of July this year. In total, 800 farmers from 40 municipalities will be trained.


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