The insects of Orthoptera genius are a good indicator of the level of intensity of agricultural practice. In appropriate conditions they reach huge numbers and indirectly affect animals of higher trophic levels. They are also an important consumer of grasses. Diversity of species and number of individuals are good indicators of the conditions of meadows. Some species are numerous in extensive arable lands and the decrease of its number is an effect of intensification of farming. One of the goals of the research conducted within KIK/25 project is to evaluate the effect of different agricultural practices and selected agri-environment packages on the number and diversity of Orthoptera insects. 

Decticus verrucivorus/ fot. Paweł Radzikowski


Metrioptera roeselii/ fot. Paweł Radzikowski


Phaneroptera falcata/ fot. Paweł Radzikowski

Orthoptera monitoring is conducted by the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation –State Research Institute in Puławy.

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