Training workshops - implementation of the RISE model, Puławy
On 12-15.04.2016, scientists from the University of Bern carried out a training on "Implementation of the RISE model used to assess the sustainability of agricultural production on the farm" within the framework of the KIK / 25 project.
The Role of Biological Diversity in Agroecosystems and Organic Farming- najnowsza publikacja w projekcie KIK/25
In February 2016, another publication under the KIK/25 project was presented. "The Role of Biological Diversity in Agroecosystems and Organic Farming" is a chapter of a monograph on the importance of biodiversity in organic farming.
"22 million skylarks" - about the KIK / 25 project in Polish Radio
On 11.19.2015 r. within a series of programs about the projects in the Swiss - Polish Cooperation Program, the reportage "22 million skylarks" by Olga Mickiewicz was broadcast in the Fourth Program of Polish Radio.
A day with biodiversity - scientific workshop of the KIK / 25 project, Puławy
On 26.05.2015 at IUNG-PIB a workshop on "Biodiversity of flora and fauna in the Lublin Voivodeship" was held. The workshop was organized by the participants of the IUNG-PIB PhD Studies and the eam of KIK / 25 project


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