The second International Conference, Puławy
On 27-28.09.2016 at the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation - National Research Institute in Puławy an international scientific conference titled "Biodiversity conservation on farmlands at crossroads" organized within the KIK/25 project “Protection of species diversity of valuable natural habitats on agricultural lands on Natura 2000 areas in the Lublin Voivodeship" was held.
Workshops for administration employees
Workshops in Busko Zdrój and Sanok on 5 September 2016 started a series of 40 trainings for employees of local government administration, non-governmental organizations, agri-environmental advisors and teachers.
The 20th International Arachnological Congress, Golden, Colorado, USA
On 02-09.07.2016 in Golden (Colorado, USA), took place the 20th International Arachnological Congress - the most important scientific arachnological event. The Congress is organized once every three years and gathers the best specialists in the field of arachnology from around the world.
Trainings for farmers under the KIK/25 project have started
On 30 May 2016 workshops in Ludwin and Uścimów were held, which started a series of 40 trainings for farmers in the Lublin Voivodeship, implemented within the KIK/25 project. The main objective of the trainings is to disseminate knowledge on good agricultural practices for the protection of biodiversity.


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